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Sola Privilege

Privilege Cutlery by Sola
Sola Privilege Cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Sola is a slender and stylish design with a modern and elegant finish. Well balanced and fitting nicely into the hand, SAVE OVER 45% on Sola Privilege.

Sola Privilege


Sola Design Team

Sola was founded in 1922 by M.J. Gerritsen, after his family had been in the business for over 50 years. For generations the Sola brand has been synonymous for cutlery which has excellent aesthetics and durable quality. Keeping with the family traditions, Sola is now run by the founder’s grandson. This family-oriented company is manufacturing cutlery and distributing its products throughout the world. Sola products are used in various sectors of the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise-lines and others.
<H2> Sola Design Team </H2>

Privilege cutlery from Sola is a slender and stylish design. This modern and elegant cutlery pattern is well balanced and fits nicely into the hand. Buy now and receive free shipping on all our Sola products.

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