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Stelton Chaco

Chaco Cutlery by Stelton
Stelton Chaco Cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Chaco has the character of Scandinavian taste with elegant, sleek and attractive lines.

Stelton Chaco


Tias Eckhoff

Norwegian Tias Eckhoff is renowned as being a versatile designer who contributed heavily to the Scandinavian Design movement. Graduating from the College of Applied Arts and Crafts with a degree in ceramic arts in 1945, he designed his first cutlery pattern for Norstaal, in 1962. "Maya", on request from Finn Henriksen, then owner and founder of Norstaal, was a huge success. Its more recent sister-pattern is a modern take on a Scandinavian classic.
<H2> Tias Eckhoff </H2>

Chaco, designed in 1990 by Tias Eckhoff, is constructed with sleek and attractive straight lines over its entire length. This elegant form guarantees that the cutlery is balanced in the hand. Chaco has the character of Scandinavian taste and the slim and slender handles are stereotypical of its time. As a result, Chaco has been awarded a permanent place in the "International Design Museum in London" soon after its launch. This high honour is only reserved for a small number of patterns and it is unusual for it to be awarded so promptly. Although being relatively modern, Chaco is a perfect fit with classic designer table settings as well as those of contemporary style.

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