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Berndorf Laguiole

Berndorf Laguiole Cutlery
Berndorf Laguiole Steak Knives. FREE SHIPPING. An essential item for any steak enthusiast.

Berndorf Laguiole

Initially a pocket knife originating in Andalusian Spain and migrating to France with shepherds and cattle herders, the traditional Laguiole style is a result of hundreds of years of history and culture. The concept was adopted in 1829 and introduced into bars and restaurants of Paris and now has become a world-renowned quality product. An essential item for any steak enthusiast.

Buy your Laguiole knives today and get free shipping.

Includes a gift box to store the knives.

Knife blade surface: Polished 18/0 steel.
Handle: Dark brown wooden handle.
Must be hand washed.

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