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Gense Nobel

Nobel Cutlery by Gense
Gense Nobel cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Nobel cutlery by Gense is the cutlery ordered specially to mark the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in 1991.

Gense Nobel


Gunnar Cyrén

Gunnar Cyrén was one of Scandinavia's most celebrated and talented designers of the 20th centrury. He is most notorious for his work with metal and glass, including his cutlery design. Gunnar Cyrén is the man behind "Nobel" which was designed specially and has been used every year since 1991, for the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm. You can also find many of Gunnar Cyrén award winning designs in many museums around the world.
<H2>Gunnar Cyrén</H2>

Nobel by Gense is the cutlery series that was produced to mark the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in 1991. Nobel cutlery was ordered specially for the famous Nobel Banquet that proceeds the prize ceremony. The dinner service reflects Swedish design and culture and has become a total success. The cutlery itself is simple yet intelligently sophisticated. It is characterised by its handles which straight and angular lines contrast attractively with the simple curves of the utensils. Nobel is a cutlery pattern with a story – one that is perfect for any occasion.

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