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Gense Twist

Twist Cutlery by Gense
Gense Twist Cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Twist is no classic cutlery pattern but trendy and sleek with a trademark twist of the handle.

Gense Twist

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Gense Design Studio

Gense manufactures high quality Swedish stainless steel cutlery for over 150 years. The Gense trademark is built upon respect for traditional craftsmanship and the rich complexity of design.
<H2> Gense Design Studio </H2>

Twist cutlery designed by Gense in 1988 is for people with modern taste. Twist is no classic cutlery pattern but a trendy and sleek design. The captivating and decorative twist and turn of the handle is a trademark of Twist cutlery. This stylish decoration addss intrigue to the table as well as being balanced to fit comfortably in the hand. Twist cutlery is perfect for the modern table, either for day-to-day use or for special occasions.

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