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Gratis fragt Kundeservice

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About Us is at the forefront of cutlery and tableware in the UK. We specialise in the sale of designer cutlery from around the world and are dedictaed to providing to our customers with the very best cutlery.

If you have a question, please contact our customer service at the following number: +45 3328 4328. Or alternatively, send us an email at

Our History was created by none other than Copenhagen Cutlery A / S. Copenhagen Cutlery is one of the biggest cutlery retailers in Europe. Copenhagen Cutlery A / S is owned by some of the most experienced people in online marketing and online retailing over the past 10 years, and operated from lovely, bright and inspiring offices in the heart of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Cutlery is a Danish company, initially selling cutlery online only in Scandinavia, Copenhagen Cutlery now has web shops in ten countries in Europe. You can read more about us on

Our Philosophy

At we strive to be the best. We aim to provide the best products, give the best customer service, have the fastet delivery times and most importantly, offer the best prices and the biggest discounts. Our customers are important to us and we are always happy to take your queries, either by phone or by email.

If you are a potential supplier or a customer looking for a specific cutlery, you are always welcome to contact us.

Contact Us

You are more than welcome to contact us about our cutlery and plates.

Tel: 02081 447 745


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