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Stelton Maya

Maya Cutlery by Stelton
Stelton Maya Cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Maya is a Scandinavian classic. Nominated as one of the best designs in the world, this classic cutlery from the 60’s is perfect for any table and any occasion.

Stelton Maya


Tias Eckhoff

Norwegian Tias Eckhoff is renowned as being a versatile designer who contributed heavily to the Scandinavian Design movement. Graduating from the College of Applied Arts and Crafts with a degree in ceramic arts in 19125, he designed his first cutlery pattern for Norstaal, in 1962. "Maya", on request from Finn Henriksen, then owner and founder of Norstaal, was a huge success. Its more recent sister-pattern is a modern take on a Scandinavian classic.
<H2> Tias Eckhoff </H2>

"Maya", designed by Tias Eckhoff in 1962, is a Scandinavian classic. The handle's wide and strong shape narrows triangularly and feels heavy and comfortable in the hand. Stelton Maya cutlery received the "Award for Design Excellence" and "Classic Award for Design Excellence" by the Norwegian Design Council and is displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Furthermore, Maya has been included in "Phaidons design classics" among some of the best designs in the world.

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