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Old Farmer

Gense Old Farmer

Old Farmer Cutlery by Gense
Gense Old Farmer Cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. High quality steel blades and lacquered wooden handles are the characteristic feature of Old Farmer. Essential cutlery for any steak enthusiast.

Gense Old Farmer


Bent Severin

Bent Severin is the man behind the popular “Old Farmer” barbecue and steak series. Bent Severin is a Danish designer and architect who is known globally for his designs. Besides cutlery and glass Bent Sverin has designed several hotels and factories.
<H2> Bent Severin </H2>

Old Farmer, designed by Bent Severin in 1970, is made of the highest quality materials. An 18/0 stainless steel blade and handle of lacquered Spanish hardwood, ensures a durable product that can last a lifetime. This cutlery is a classic Swedish design, but recognisable across the globe. The high quality steel blades are perfect for cutting meats, especially steak and the lacquered wooden handles give a secure and firm grip. Old Farmer is packaged in a rustic wooden box for storage. Essential cutlery for any steak enthusiast.

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