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Mono Oval 18 Dessert Forks
In stock   1-4 days delivery
3 x 6 Mono Oval cakeforks   +£0.00

Mono Oval 18 Dessert Forks

Mono Oval 18 Dessert Forks

18 Dessert Forks.

Perfect Dessert/Pastry/Cake Forks.

18/10 Stainless Steel.
Dishwasher Safe.
Desinged by Peter Raacke.

Oval by Mono was designed by Prof Peter Raacke in 1959. This classic cutlery set was intended for people who appreciate modern design. People who understand that aesthetically special cutlery is inherently connected to culinary pleasure.
Oval is the epitome of perfect craftsmanship, clarity of design and quality of material.
The cutlery is not only a beautiful pattern, but also very functional. Its oval shaped spoons and simple shaped knives and forks make the cutlery a delight to use. The cutlery also has heavy handles which add to the comfort of the pattern.
Oval is a luxury cutlery set but without any excessive decoration.

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