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Hardanger Lykke 12 person Cake Set
In stock   1-4 days delivery
2 x Hardanger Lykke Kakesett, 7 deler   +£0.00

Hardanger Lykke 12 person Cake Set

Hardanger Lykke 12 person Cake Set

12 Dessert Forks
1 Cake Server

Dishwasher safe
18/8 Stainless steel
Designed by Odd Leikvoll

Lykke cutlery (pronounced “Luck-eh” in Norwegian) is a modern Scandinavian classic. Designed by Odd Leikvoll in 2013, Lykke is an elegant pattern with soft lines and flowing curves. The cutlery is high quality and as a result is relatively heavy, meaning that it feels good in the hand and is easy to use. The knife stands up on the table and is particularly functional with its innovative shape. Lykke cutlery is a perfect every day cutlery but also luxurious enough to impress guests at special occasions and fancy parties.

Brand: Hardanger Bestikk
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