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Gense Pantry 3 piece matt Table Accessories Set
In stock   1-4 days delivery

Gense Pantry 3 piece matt Table Accessories Set

Gense Pantry matt Table Accessories Set

Sauce ladle 20cm.
2 piece serving set 22cm.

18/8 matt stainless steel.
Dishwasher safe.
Pantry cutlery designed by Henning Seidelin.

Pantry cutlery by Gense is perhaps the most famous cutlery in Scandinavia. Pantry is both an attractive and distinctive pattern, with the circular “eye” defining the design. This is reminiscent of an anchor and gives the pattern a nautical style, often being referred to as “Sailors Cutlery.” The cutlery can be hung up on a stand that would prevent it sliding around a drawer while at sea, or keep it tidy in a modern home. Pantry is both stylish and practical. Perfect cutlery for the modern home, both on dry land and at sea.

Brand: Gense
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