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Linea Q

Sambonet Linea Q

Linea Q Cutlery by Sambonet
Sambonet Linea Q Cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Sambonet have produced an award winning innovative design. Linea Q is a contemporary cutlery that is simple, clean and elegant.

Sambonet Linea Q


Sambonet Design Team

Sambonet is an Italien cutlery designer and manufacturer that has been creating the highest quality cutlery since 1856, for both private customers and restaurants.
<H2> Sambonet Design Team </H2>

Linea Q cutlery brings Italian lifestyle to your tabletop. Linea Q by Sambonet is a contemporary styled cutlery that is both simple, clean and elegant as well as casting a beautiful silhouette on the table. Sambonet have produced an award winning innovative design with straight edges and smooth curves.

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