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Pott 33

Pott 33

Pott 33 Cutlery by Pott
Pott 33 cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Pott 33 is delicate and graceful. Beautifully curved and rounded lines and an indented ‘thumbprint’ in the handles characterise Pott 33.

Pott 33

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Carl Pott

German born Carl Pott was the son of a Cutlery Manufacturer. A student of the great designer Paul Voss, and influenced by the guidelines of the Deutscher Werkbund and the Bauhaus. Pott followed the design philosophies of objective usefulness, simplicity and justice for material design when producing his cutlery patterns. Pott produced more than 30 models and many Cutlery Table accessories.
<H2>Carl Pott</H2>

Pott 33 was designed by Carl Pott in 1975. Like all other Pott designs, this cutlery is hand made by highly skilled German craftsmen. Pott 33 is distinguished by the five pinions on the fork, which is quite unusual in cutlery patterns. Simple decoration on the handles and elegant minimalism brings sophistication and style to this pattern. This neo-classic cutlery pattern is perfect for any table and any occasion.

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