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Pott 20

Pott 20

Pott 20 Cutlery by Pott
Pott cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Popular and revolutionary, Pott 20 is a highly stylish and very functional cutlery set.

Pott 20

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Paul Voss

Paul Voss was a skilled German engraver. After the first world war, he became the Director of arts and crafts at Solingen Technical College for metal design. Here he met Carl Pott, who was a student of his. Paul Voss designed stainless steel cutlery for cutlery Manufacturer C. Hugo Pott. This "Model 20" was revolutionary in the 1950s. The short blades and small oval spoon shapes created a new generation of cutlery. In 1964, the cutlery design was included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
<H2>Paul Voss</H2>

Designed in 1952 by Paul Voss, Pott 20 is a classic cutlery set with a modern touch. Popular and revolutionary, Pott 20 is highly stylish and very functional. Simple sharp lines and wide grip, along with a short knife blade make it both attractive and easy to use. This cutlery is perfect for impressing dinner guests or improving your everyday dining experience. We offer FREE DELIVERY on all our products.

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