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Mono A

Mono-A Cutlery by Mono
Buy Mono-a cutlery. FREE DELIVERY. Mono-a cutlery is a classic pattern designed in the 1950s. Modern in style and characterised with simple slender handles and basic shape.

Mono A


Peter Raacke

Born in 1928 in Hanau, Germany, he trained as a goldsmith in his early life. Eventually teaching industrial design, his life’s work consisted of several stages of development. In 1958 he designed the classic cutlery “Mono-a”, which is the best-selling German cutlery to this day.
<H2>Peter Raacke </H2>

Mono-a cutlery was designed for Mono in 1958 by Peter Raacke. A prototype and precursor for all Mono Flatware, this original piece is a highly popular cutlery piece within the industrial design industry. Modern in style despite its age. Simple handles with long and sleek lines characterise the set. Mono-a is considered the best-selling German designer cutlery.

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