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Hardanger Lykke

Lykke Cutlery by Hardanger
Hardanger Lykke 18 piece set. FREE DELIVERY. Designed by Odd Leikvoll in 2013, Lykke is an elegant pattern with soft lines and flowing curves. The cutlery is high quality and as a result is relatively heavy, meaning that it feels good in the hand and is easy to use.

Hardanger Lykke


Odd Leikvoll

Odd Leikvoll
<H2>Odd Leikvoll</H2>

Hardanger is a Norwegian cutlery brand, situated on the Hardanger Fjord in the heart of Norway. Established in 1958, Hardanger has been at the forefront of Scandinavian design cutlery for half a century. It's focus on fantastic design and taking its inspiration from the natural world ensures that Hardanger cutlery mantains high standards of excellence.

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